October 25, 2011


-Shiegred Luz Pabilona

A person named Clive Staples
Once say something about friendship-
“It has no survival value; rather
It’s one of those things that give value to survival.”

Friends? Friends? Friends?
Frosts our burning temptations
Ends our lasting problems
Saves our drowning lives.

Kindness is the start of friendship
Patience and sacrifice is thing that manages it
Love is a way on how to keep it
Only time will separate it.

Fate chooses our relations
It’s us who chose our friends in nations
Even many of them came
It’ll take a lifetime to know who still the same.

When you feel numb and lost
Friends let you live once again
They say “Friends are companions
And God’s apology for relations.”

Pals smile and cry with you all the time
Gives you apple and lime
They redouble joys and cut grief in halves
And they also know how to complete our lives.

A man with no friend will quit the stage
Even though he’s a neither philosopher nor sage
Only friends know the best in you
And know how to beat you.

Sometimes, no matter how you take care of the glass
Like friendship, it’ll break when it must
Just be ready and always remember,
You’re the one who will pick up the pieces when it’s over.

A friend is like your shadow
He’s your another self that follow
He’s willing to save you even in water that’s shallow
And will act as amusement just not to get you low.

My friends love me and I love them too
And one thing I like about my friends
My explanations: they don’t want it
But it’s better than they won’t believe it. :))

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